Standard Equipments: Leather Seat, Electric Sun Roof,

Floor Mat with Porsche Logo, Electric Seat-height Control.

Graphite Metallic Color (LB7V)

Options: Rear Fog Lamp, RS Steering Wheel, 993 Silver/Leather Shift Knob,

Leather Upholstery (Dashboard, Center Console; Black and Silver)

Carbon Fiber Trimming, Aluminum Silver Trimming, Sport Seat (Driver),

Central Locking, Full Alarm System, Rear Split Seat, Removable Cargo Cover,

Turbo 3-piece Wheel (7J/8J-16), Dunlop SP sport 9000 (205/55-16, 225/50-16),

964 Electric Teardrop Mirror with Wide Angle Mirror (Navi side), Cruise Control,

Earthing Kit with 6 Points Connection, Dynamat Premium Deadning

(Rear Under-seat Area,Rear Cargo Area), Rear Wiper

Turbo Front/rear Valance with Driving/Fog Lights (High Efficiency Bulbs),

Cibie Head Light (UK version) with Cibie Wiring/Double Relay System,

Clear Side Marker, Side Valance (US version), Koni Shock Absorbers,

Aluminum  Side  Sills,  Silver/Black Parking Brake Lever

Audio: SONY CD/TAPE/DSP system, Alpine V12 Amp MRP-F305

for Front/Rear 8 Speakers, Alpine V12 Amp MRP-T305 for Subwoofer,

Carozzeria Front Speaker (Midrange+Tweeter), Alpine Rear Speaker (Midrange+lighted Tweeter),

Alpine SWE-1390 Subwoofer with Amplifier

Alpine Power Cable Kit with 24K Connectors, 18 Gauge OFC Speaker Cables

Dynamat Premium for Doors and Rear Seat, Dynamat Original for Rear Cargo.

Engine Oil (Mobil 10W-40 with Microflon), Coolant (BP),

Dif/Mission Oil (Swepco Synthetic), Power Steering oil (Swepco),

Spark Plug (Bosch BP7DTC ), Wiper Blade (Bosch)

Current Milage: 236,120 km

Average Fuel Consumption: 11.21 km /L